Adventure Shorts (Navy)

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All sizes fit a range of waists due to the adjustable elastic waistband.

Small: 25-28inches
Medium: 29-32inches
Large 33-36inches

6" inseam on all sizes

If unsure of which size to get I recommend choosing the smaller size.


These shorts feature as many features as your typical Sugarbush terrain park. For those of you who have never been its enough to make you say, "Damn wow, how did they get all this on one run!?" Except instead of run its a pair of shorts. Without further ado here is what you can expect.

-100% polyester fabric. Best option for adventuring due to its light and breathable nature. Also very fast to dry. Whether you decided to take a dip or your adventure caused a lot of perspiration, these shorts will be good to go in no time.

-3 pockets: the two front pockets are the typical pocket you'd expect on a pair of pants. Your hands fit in them, and so does your phone or a lighter or some snacks. The back pocket had a zipper closure. Thats where you are gonna want to put your keys (=

-elastic waist strap. This thing is key. Imagine to decide to hit the waterslide skeleton
style and your shorts just fly right off. With this strap that would never happen. Adjusts to the level of snug you prefer!

-Vintage woven trim on the front half of the shorts. This stuff is old and limited. If I were to do a full wrap around the shorts then there could only be half as many shorts and only half of you could have them. Hope you don't mind sharing with the right people.

-Lil Flag on the left leg.