"Away" Candle Set

"Away" Candle Set

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The Away scent was was specifically chosen to represent the smell I associate with my traveling. For me traveling is usually a road trip involving camping, hiking, skiing or all of the above. The scent of cypress and fir brings out the feeling of pulling into some campground after dark, and long after the camp host has called it a night, but still being lucky enough to find a spot to call your own. The scent of bayberry reminds me of the hikes we've done while on road trips in the fall, especially along the Appalachians and in the midwest. I'm a 4-6 mile hike kinda guy personally, but shout out to all my AT Thru hiker homies. Finally, there is some earthy moss worked into the scent which is unmistakably PNW to my senses and reminds me of the times spent around Mt Hood deep in the national forest.


Includes candle (1) and a box of matches.

Scent: A deep woods smell (Fir, Cypress, Moss, Bayberry)
Burn time: ~20 Hours
Made with a clean-burning blend of soy and coconut waxes, as well as a cotton-core (i.e. lead-free) wick.

After you've enjoyed your candle please clean the tin and reuse it as a small container.