"Hey Sweetie" Cinch Beanie (Super Spruce)
"Hey Sweetie" Cinch Beanie (Super Spruce)

"Hey Sweetie" Cinch Beanie (Super Spruce)

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 My friend Rayna stops by this one local thrift pretty frequently. Over the years she has found a lot of cool things there and become friendly with the owner, who is always standing near the front to greet people entering the store. Not too long ago Rayna found an old fleece beanie that had been made in VT. The style was perfect so I didn't change much when it came time to revive it for this. Only thing missing was a name for the hat. The owner of the shop always greets Rayna the same way whenever she visits. "Hey Sweetie"

 When you first put it on it seems huge, then you remember there is a cinch for that!

95% Poly-fleece 5% spandex 100% your type

8inch tall which leaves some space at the top for almost everyone. plenty of circumference for even the largest brains. The cinch will do the work for all sized heads.