"Home" Candle Set

"Home" Candle Set

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The holidays are approaching and nearly every year I make the trip by to my Mom's house either for Thanksgiving or for Christmas. I grew up on top of a hill off in the woods. Usually I get home late at night after many hours on the road for my latest adventure. I get out of my car and I'm surrounded by fragrant cedar trees and tall pines. My favorite thing to do in that moment is take a deep breath. The air is different there. Of course you never know the air at home is different until you leave. Leaving is great, adventure is great but I always say the best part about leaving is coming back home.

Includes candle (1) and a box of matches.

Scent: A warm and woodsy smell (Cedar, Pine, Clove, Lavender)
Burn time: ~20 Hours
Made with a clean-burning blend of soy and coconut waxes, as well as a cotton-core (i.e. lead-free) wick.

After you've enjoyed your candle please clean the tin and reuse it as a small container.