Ruby-Throated Shirt (Cream)

Ruby-Throated Shirt (Cream)

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The Ruby-throated hummingbird is distinct to the eastern half of America. Growing up in New York we always had specialized hummingbird feeders out on our porch to attract these tiny magical birds. My mom is obsessed with them, and her intrigue wore off on me over the years. For me, the hummingbird is a sign of coming home. After a winter of being on the road, away at school, out West or around the world skiing, the hummingbird darting into my line of sight for a quick moment means I'm back for the summer.

The artwork on this shirt was carried out by Maddie LaFlamme. Maddie shares roots on the East Coast and was able to translate this vision and significance into this design perfectly. Visit her website or on instagram to see more of her talent.


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